Create a Unified Culture that Always Puts the Patient First

"What Care Logistics did for us was to actually bring the team together; the team being focused entirely on the patient."

Kathy Bonney, Director of Quality and Patient Safety, Baptist Medical Center South

"From the moment you are admitted to Mercy, the CareConnect system puts your care and experience front and center. Our goals are to get you the care you need more efficiently, prevent complications through open communication, and get you back to your life as soon as possible."

Marjory Palladino, RN, Director of Care Coordination, Mercy Medical Center

An efficiency focus in care coordination begins with leadership commitment. The hospital establishes operational clarity by linking a system aim to organizational goals, and then to front-line performance measures, preparing the hospital for weekly operational reviews.

This lets the hospital function as a system, not a collection of isolated and conflicting departments. Hospital executives correct performance gaps immediately to make sure care activities happen on-time, complete and correct with zero defects. 

The Care Logistics transformation team will work with your hospital to establish the an efficiency and patient-first culture:

  • Identify a system aim and align to organizational priorities during leadership workshops
  • Establish performance scorecards, connecting strategic priorities to frontline activities 
  • Establish standard operating procedures (SOPs) to support throughput milestones using current-to-future state analysis