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Power the Model With Care Logistics Software

"I have never seen a system go-live that was as much a non-event as the Care Logistics technology go-live. When the system was turned on, it just worked. No issues, no user complaints, no hiccups. I now know why they call it a went-live."

Wanda Sims, CIO, Baptist Health, Montgomery, Alabama

"We have lots of different software throughout the hospital but we needed that one system that could really tie those together."

Kelly Benson, Hub Clinical Care Coordinator, Baptist Medical Center South

Hospital software often automates processes but doesn't transform operational flow, so the financial and efficiency returns fall short. Software vendors often force hospitals to adapt their processes to fit the function of the software, disrupting and diminishing operational performance and efficiency. Care Logistics built its hopsital logistics software specifically to power the people, processes and central care coordination model that form the Hospital Operating System.

Software Built for Caregivers to Do and See Everything They Need to Provide Exceptional, Efficient Care

Care Logistics installs the software last. Why? With Care Logistics, the software advances the operational goals of the hospital. Once your hospital has established a system aim, adopted the central care coordination model, and clearly defined processes and success measures, it can roll out the software that provides the tools and care acumen to ensure dramatic results.

The software powers the key components of the Hospital Operating System:

  • Patient Logistics software ensures that patients, rooms, beds and transport are always ready and timely, both for swift, efficient admissions, placement and dischrage. The software was built and configured specifically to enable the centralized care coordination model.
  • Order Logistics software powers the system that correctly prioritizes, coordinates and  completes patient services (labs, procedures, scans)  on time across  multiple people and departments 
  • Demand Logistics software gives nurses and staffing teams the tools to easily place patients in the right, appropriately staffed units and beds, staffing precisely across all units. 
  • The Physician Rounding app for mobile devices tells rounding physicians who and where their patients are in the hospital, prioritizing based on order and need. It tracks impending admissions, newly admitted patients, and pending or recently discharged patients.