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We partner with hospitals to establish the Hospital Operating System:

Mindset: Unified culture that always puts the patient first
Methodology: A hub-and-spoke "production system" for care coordination
Technology: Software built for caregivers to do and see everything they need to provide exceptional care efficiently 

The Hospital Operating System transforms hospital operations, dramatically and continuously improving every metric that matters:
Care quality, patient satisfaction, throughput, readmissions, preventable harm and case mix index. All while driving down cost per case. Watch these leaders and teams from five hospitals tell and show you how:
Northwest Community Hospital: "Northwest and Care Logistics partnered to really create a cultural transformation." Mercy Medical Center: "The last two years have been the
best for operating performance this institution has ever had."                                                                                

Your hospital can do it. Learn more.

Baptist Medical Center South: "What Care Logistics did was to bring the team together, focused entirely on the patient."   Three CHE-Trinity CEOs talk about transformation to high-reliability, patient-centered care                               

What's the Transformation Equation for your hospital?

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Make bold changes to dramatically improve
every metric that matters to your hospital

Replace chaos with control to satisfy patients, doctors, caregivers and families




How do we create dramatic results?

Through our proven four-step process we help hospitals establish reliable and predictable operations that dramatically improve patient throughput, care quality and experience: