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of hospital system executives say reducing operating costs is their biggest challenge.
Credit downgrades are
outpacing upgrades
Our clients have
achieved a
reduction in financing charges for their health systems bond issue.
Our clients have seen
ALOS improve by
Our clients have
seen hospitals
reduce infection
rates by
Our clients have
seen preventable
harm reduced
by over
Our clients have seen up to ROI in the first 12 months.
Our clients have
eliminated up to
in construction costs.
Our clients have seen
net operating margins
increase from 1% to
more than

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“In support of our customers’ Operational Goals..., we provide a Leadership Mindset Curriculum, Process Reengineering and Enterprise Logistics software, to help our hospitals achieve reliable and predictable operational performance in the areas of throughput, quality, & experience.”

We help the Hospital's Leadership & Operating Teams deliver higher quality care at a lower cost by:

• Creating a culture of efficiency
• Designing a new care coordination model
• Implementing Care Logistics' Enterprise Logistics Software suite
• Establishing real-time operational performance management
What are CEOs saying about Total Hospital Efficiency?
How Dr. Imram Andrabi implemented Total Hospital Efficiency at Mercy St. Vincent.
Facility design in concert with operational transformation drives total hospital efficiency.
Hospital executives are discovering that combining facility design and operational transformation drives dramatic results in quality, throughput, and experience. That's why Care Logistics has formed a strategic partnership with Perkins + Will, one of the world's most innovative architectural design firms. In addition to efficiency, research has shown that hospital design plays an important role in clinician and patient satisfaction. With our partners at Perkins+Will, Care Logistics is committed to helping hospitals achieve sustainable performance improvement. Together, we're establishing a new paradigm for the hospital of the future.
Care Logistics™ and Perkins + Will have created a transformational solution for hospital operations that facilitates the creation of highly reliable and predictable operational performance.
Proven planning and design strategies are utilized to improve patient outcomes, staff efficiency, and patient satisfaction while reducing overall facility operating costs.
A unique methodology is deployed to create and implement a new hub and spoke care coordination model that uses process reengineering to improve enterprise wide performance.
Working with a hospital’s operating teams, Care Logistics has a proven approach that uses a leadership mindset curriculum to establish a new operating culture focused on a system aim designed to eliminate the fragmentation and variability associated with current silo-based operations.
An innovatively designed suite of enterprise logistics software is implemented to integrate all logistical workflows and provide real-time performance feedback to all users.
Reliable and predictive peak operational performance helps our customers achieve:

$6.3 Million reduction in financing charges for their health systems bond issue

ALOS improvement by 25%

49% reduction in hospital infection rates

Preventable harm reduced by 72%

Core measures performance increase by 37%

Up to $55 Million elimination in construction costs

Net operating margins increase from 1% to more than 5%
Add up the savings. Plug in your current ALOS and your Total Inpatient Days, and see how much we could help you save over two years.

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& Ongoing Yearly Savings:
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The Operational Discovery Audit provides a comprehensive gap assessment of a hospital's throughput potential. The audit interview process explores the upstream and downstream impact of identified bottlenecks, and also evaluates the operational improvement and ROI potential for your hospital.

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