Establish a Centralized Hub-and Spoke Care Coordination Model

"The hub-and-spoke model is the driving force behind the CareConnect model of care, and such interdependency allows us to look at the big picture and address issues in the moment. We have seen improvements in patient flow throughout the hospital, and the staff now has a better awareness and sense of urgency in how we move patients through the system. From the patent's point of entry to the hospital, a direct admission or a surgical admission, through discharge, we are one team working together."

Marjory Palladino, RN, Director of Care Coordination, Mercy Medical Center

Hub-and-Spoke Care Coordination Ensures Predictable, Reliable Throughput and Care Quality

Care Logistics works with hospitals to establish a hub-and-spoke approach that connects and coordinates all the right people and care activities. This model best manages care activities and throughput across all people and departments. It moves  from department-based care and services to care that focuses on the patient and goals of the entire hospital. 

There are several key steps to establishing the centralized care coordination model:
  • Establish daily status and LOS event management with daily  SNAP huddles (status-now-action-planning)
  • Establish the clinical care coordinator role,  combining certain case management and charge nurse functions to drive quality throughput
  • Deploy the hub-and-spoke care coordination model clinical care cooridinator to lead the execution of standard operating procedures and throughput milestones in all units and service areas