Manage Care Performance in Real Time

"With executive rounding, we've been able to decrease our length of stay and we've also seen an increase in our case mix index which has helped on our revenue."

Karen McCaa, Chief Nursing Officer & Vice President of Patient Care Services, Baptist Medical Center South

"We are doing SNAP huddles on every shift now. That's providing the team with the knowledge about what we need to do to move the patient forward for discharge and it's also focusing on those high risk patients. It's brought together the nursing staff with the care coordinators. There used to be a silo approach and now the whole team knows what the patient is doing and what we need to do in order to move the patient for a safe and effective discharge."

Kathy Bonney, Director of Quality and Patient Safety, Baptist Medical Center South

Daily and weekly reviews with live, accurate data provide the care acumen to continuously improve performance

Real-time throughput data gives management and caregivers the information needed to make regular executive rounding valuable and productive. Teams identify and address challenges, correct and adjust quickly, and almost immediately measure improvement or mitigation.

Care Logistics works with hospitals to:

  • Enable front-line managers to translate data into action through the operational coach program
  • Establish daily SNAP huddles (status now, action planning), a concise dialogue about patient care progression convenes all the right people to focus on the patient itinerary. Using live throughput data from the software, caregivers and executives can immediately identify and address delays and obstacles to quality care and patient flow.
  • Establish weekly operational rounding and PDCA workouts to empower front-line problem solving

The Care Logistics Logistical Control System delivers robust data access through a variety of formats: dashboards, productivity reports, live data summaries, and client data mining through a reporting database.

Your healthcare management team can analyze past performance, anticipate trends and plan based on a forecasted patient census. Empower frontline managers to translate data into productive action, and establish weekly operational rounding and workouts--using data to predict, prevent and improve.

The video below shows an example of how daily interdisciplinary rounding in the form of SNAP huddles helps our partner St. Peter's Hospital in Albany, New York, enhance communication and efficiency while advancing patients' care plans.