Care Progression Optimized

The Care Progression Optimized solution delivers substantial value:

  • Reduced length of stay within a few months with LOS target, SNAP and operational rounding disciplines
  • Full reimbursements and better Medicare breakeven performance
  • Increased CMI
  • Better demand and capacity management
  • Improved discharge planning 
  • Continuous performance improvement 
  • Greater quality and experience for patients
  • Happier, more productive care teams

Cornerstones of Care Progression: Accurate Length of Stay Targets, Clear Care Progression Plans and Effective Coordination Disciplines

The Care Logistics Care Progression Optimized solution overcomes the common barriers to unit care progression, empowering coordinators to deliver the best care consistently and efficiently. It combines optimized care progression processes with powerful software that, in a single place, informs and prompts them to take all the right next actions in their patients’ care plans.

Care Progression Optimized comprises these disciplines and tools:

  • DRG Length of Stay Workgroups and Database: Care Logistics collaborates with your hospital physician, nursing, case management and financial teams to create a hospital-specific repository of DRGs and accurate target lengths of stay.
  • Care Advance Software: Automates assignment of DRG and target length of stay. Provides visibility into care progression status, activities, barriers and resolutions, showing coordinators the progress against the patient care plans, milestones and discharge targets at all times. It also provides tools that automatically guide the care teams through the activities of quality care for all patients, tracked by milestones and care plans. 
  • Daily Patient Progression SNAP Huddles: Status Now, Action Planning (SNAP) huddles gather the full unit care team for each shift to clearly understand patent progression and care goals, as well as escalate any issues outside their control to executive leaders for resolution. 
  • Executive Operational Rounding: The executive operational rounding program provides the framework and tools to support weekly rapid cycle improvement efforts, empowering the teams to clarify obstacles and solutions to senior leadership.
  • Standardized Patient Progression Plans: After establishing patient length-of-stay targets, care teams create and track progression against standardized, patient-appropriate care plans with continuously visible goals and progress.
  • Unit-Based Standard Operating Procedures: The Care Logistics transformation team works with your hospital to identify the ideal future state for care delivery on the units, which becomes the basis for standard operating procedures that ensure reliable and repeatable care progression performance. 

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