Care Progression

The Care Progression solution delivers substantial value:

  • Full reimbursements
  • Reduced length of stay
  • Increased CMI
  • Better demand and capacity management
  • Improved discharge planning 
  • Greater quality and experience for patients

It All Starts with Smart Length-of-Stay and Discharge Targets

The admissions process should establish appropriate target length of stay and DRG in a way that informs expectations for treatment and documentation of patients. Correct length-of-stay targets help caregivers set appropriate goals for managing patient progression that everyone works toward. 

Care Progression delivers these capabilities for unit care teams with these tools and disciplines:

  • DRG Length of Stay Workgroups and Database: Care Logistics collaborates with your hospital physician, nursing, case management and financial teams to create a hospital-specific repository of DRGs and accurate target lengths of stay.
  • Care Target Software: The web-based Care Target software lets hospital admissions staff select appropriate DRGs and length-of-stay targets from the hospital-specific database in less than a minute. 
  • Unit-Based Standard Operating Procedures: The Care Logistics transformation team works with your hospital to identify the ideal future state for care delivery on the units, which becomes the basis for standard operating procedures that ensure reliable and repeatable care progression performance. 

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