What does your hospital look like with Care Advance?

Imagine your care team focusing on a defined patient progression plan and length of stay goal for each patient. You are easily identifying patients who are not progressing as expected and why. You’re confident that progression barriers are being identified proactively. Nursing units are providing timely, quality patient care resulting in a positive patient experience. You are actively advancing the progression of patients on your nursing units.

Use Care Advance to:

  • Anticipate barriers to patient progression

  • Reduce avoidable patient days

  • Clearly define length of stay targets

  • Achieve alignment on patient progression goals

  • Improve communication

Care Advance

Care Advance is a comprehensive software tool designed to establish and achieve target length of stay (LOS) values for each patient. With Care Advance barrier management and escalation tools your team will drive proactive resolution of progression barriers. Patient progression plans synchronize clinical progression milestones with LOS and discharge planning and support physicians in achieving organizational LOS and patient progression goals.

Results from Care Advance 


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