Bethesda Health Increases Efficiency and Saves Money with a Hub-and-Spoke Operating System

Bethesda Health realizes annual benefits of $11 million in less than two years

St. Joseph’s Hospital realize annual benefits of $11.6 million in less than two years

Bethesda Health in Boynton Beach, FL launched a system-wide care transformation initiative to achieve greater efficiency in their care progression using the Care Logistics hub-and-spoke Command Center model.

In less than two years, Bethesda has documented remarkable achievements:

  • Realized $11 million annual benefit

  • Made substantial gains in safety, quality and patient satisfaction measures

  • Increased inpatient and observation admissions by 6.3 percent and outpatient diagnostics services by 19 percent

“This isn’t just a single project or software system,” said Roger L. Kirk, FACHE, president and CEO of Bethesda. “This represents a completely new operating model and way of thinking. Everyone jumped on board, from doctors to nurses to service area technicians and coordinators. It’s been an amazing experience.”

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