Becker’s: How 15 hospitals eliminated waste, gained efficiency and saved millions

Fifteen hospitals and health systems that were able to save millions of dollars through partnerships, data gathering and new operational programs are profiled in this Becker’s article. Profiles include Care Logistics partner hospitals Bethesda Health, Mercy Medical Center and St. Joseph’s, all of which have adopted the hub-and-spoke patient care progression model.

From the article:

Bethesda Health (Boynton Beach, Fla.). Bethesda Health adopted the Care Logistics hub-and-spoke production system that connects and coordinates the patients and care activities. The model manages care activities and throughput across all patients and departments in the hospital by establishing daily status and length of stay management, designating clinical care coordinator roles and deploying the clinical care coordinator to lead the standard operating procedures and throughput milestones in all units. The hospital saved $10.9 million in annual financial benefits through decreased inpatient and observation length of stay, lower labor costs, increased volumes and fewer readmissions. The hub-and-spoke care model led to 50 percent improvement in patient satisfaction scores and reduced emergency department wait times by more than 75 percent.

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