Blessing Hospital teams with Care Logistics on Blessing Care Vision Transformation Initiative

Hospital collaborating with Care Logistics to adopt a patient-focused care model founded on a culture of continuous quality, safety and efficiency



Quincy, Ill., October 9, 2016— Blessing Hospital has announced a collaboration with Care Logistics® to launch Blessing Care Vision, a comprehensive initiative to continuously improve patient care and experience while enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

The Care Logistics Hospital Operating System serves as the foundation for Blessing Care Vision, combining patient-focused culture, a centralized care coordination model and logistics software to dramatically improve patient throughput, health, safety and satisfaction.

“It all starts with a hospital-wide embrace of a unified, patient-first culture,” said Blessing Health System CEO Maureen Kahn. “We worked with Care Logistics to establish a system aim of ’Patients first because I CARE,’ which serves to guide every action of every person involved in progressing the care and positive experience for all of our patients.”

Kahn said that after the initial culture work, Blessing Hospital and Care Logistics will establish a central hub—like an air traffic control center—where coordinators will orchestrate all movement and care activities for all patients across the hospital. The hospital also will adopt powerful, proven tools, processes, and software that let care teams communicate clearly, eliminate bottlenecks, and focus their time on patients and the productive activities that advance patient care plans.

“We set a critical goal for Blessing Care Vision to retain our talented, committed care teams and empower them to continuously focus on delivering the best patient care and experience,” said Kahn.

“Blessing Hospital truly has a vision for achieving and sustaining excellence in care for the community and overall hospital performance,” said Karl Straub, president of Care Logistics. “We are excited to be their committed, long-term partner and collaborator in delivering exceptional care to satisfied patients at the lowest costs.”

Blessing has identified several key areas that would benefit from Care Vision processes and the Hospital Operating System:

  • Reduce acute care and observation length of stay
  • Reduce the number of patients who leave from the Emergency Department without being seen
  • Defer capital spending by increasing existing capacity
  • Increase case mix index
  • Improve patient experience and HCAHPS scores
  • Achieve high reliability in clinical operations

About Care Logistics

Care Logistics helps hospitals deliver exceptional care to happy patients at the lowest costs. The Care Logistics “production system” for care delivery transforms hospital operations, powered by positive culture change, a hub-and-spoke care model, and logistics software. The results: Efficient, predictable, and reliable care that dramatically improves every metric that matters to hospitals—care quality, patient throughput and experience, length of stay and financial performance.

About Blessing Hospital

Blessing Hospital is a 300 bed acute care hospital, the largest and most comprehensive healthcare provider in a 100-mile radius of west central Illinois, northeast Missouri and southeast Iowa. Blessing Hospital is a member of Blessing Health System , which consist of a second hospital, physician group, a four-year nursing education program, a foundation, a group of medical specialty businesses and the parent company, Blessing Corporate Services, providing strategic planning and business expertise to other System affiliates.