Care Logistics Launches Automated DRG Selection Software for Hospitals

Easy Web tool automates and improves critical DRG and length-of-stay target assignments that drive care efficiency, quality and experience for patients

Care Logistics Launches Automated DRG Selection Software for Hospitals

Atlanta, Ga., April 7, 2016— Care Logistics today announced the availability of the Target LOS Tool, a web-based program that lets hospital admissions staff quickly and easily assign correct patient DRGs and lengths-of-stay (LOS) targets, helping ensure appropriate care and reimbursements.

With this solution, hospitals can:

  • Easily assign accurate DRGs and LOS targets with a Web-based “wizard”
  • Deliver appropriate care in the right amount of time for the full reimbursement
  • Increase case mix index
  • Search for keywords that identify DRGs, including language specific to a particular hospital
  • Quickly distinguish and assign associated clinical complications and comorbidities
  • Give everyone—patients, family and caregivers—visibility into target LOS

“Hospital admissions staff must assess and set an appropriate target length of stay and DRG to inform expectations for patient treatment and documentation," said Jim Rosenblum, EVP and chief technology officer at Care Logistics. “If they aren’t able to do that, hospitals end up underpaid or underperforming for a given DRG.”

Rosenblum also said that it’s important for hospitals to make length-of-stay targets specific to their patient population, not based on generic national averages. He said that the Care Logistics transformation team works with hospitals to make sure DRG and length-of-stay targets create accurate measures of observed to expected performance.

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