Care Logistics Launches "Who Cares? Hospital Talk" Podcast

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Who Cares? Hospital Talk Podcast

Atlanta, Ga., September 22, 2016— Care Logistics announced the launch of a new healthcare industry podcast called “Who Cares? Hospital Talk.” The podcast gives a voice to people who are passionate about making patient care and experience better.

“The ‘Who Cares? Hospital Talk’ podcast builds positive awareness about the people in all types of roles ‘who care’ and commit to improving patient care and experience,“ said Doug Walker, vice president of marketing for Care Logistics. “It provides a forum to lead the conversation about people improving healthcare in big and small ways with thoughtful, innovative approaches to advancing care quality, experience and efficiency.”

Walker noted that the podcast interviews also aim to capture and express the personal side of these heroes of hospital care. Here are some recent “Who Cares? Hospital Talk” podcast episodes:

  • The Shift: A New Role for Today’s Hospital CFO
  • Leaning In or Out: Why Healthcare Should Stop Fearing and Start Loving Lean
  • The Nerdy Nurse Explains How Toyota Holds the Key to Better Healthcare
  • It Takes More Than a Lollipop: Helping Kids Get Through the Hospital Experience
  • A Showman. A Patient. An Advocate. A Cancer Survivor
  • Why Should Doctors Think Like Engineers?

All of the podcasts are available here.

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