Care Logistics and Jvion team together to improve patient lives


ALPHARETTA, Ga., May 24, 2018 -- By combining Care Logistics' proven process and purpose-built Care Advance software with Jvion's leading clinical AI machine, providers and patient progression leaders have access to a unique solution which empowers them with the insights to predict patient risk and take the most effective actions to keep patients on track toward length of stay goals.   

Care Logistics' Care Progression solution combines both best practice methodologies with comprehensive software to establish and meet target length of stay (LOS) for each patient. Each day on the nursing units, patient progression leaders and care team members discuss each patient's progression and barriers. The solution provides the tools and processes to drive a more proactive approach to keeping patients on track for their LOS goals.  

Jvion's advanced clinical AI identifies patient risks and recommends actions to reduce that risk. Providers can ask 50+ questions about a patient's health and the best way to improve a patient's outcome. For each question, the AI machine delivers an individual patient's risk; the clinical and non-clinical factors propelling the risk; and the most effective actions/interventions to mitigate the risk. The Jvion AI machine can deliver ROI within weeks of implementation, future-proof an organization, and drive a greater guarantee of success by avoiding the pitfalls of model builds and predictive analytics.

With the combined solutions, Jvion's award winning risk and intervention insights are brought directly to patient progression leaders when and where they need them within the Care Advance software and are imbedded in their daily process workflow.  Progression leaders are alerted to patient risks without having to dive into a detailed EHR care plan for each patient. Jvion patient risk levels, contributing factors, and recommendations are part of the discussion at both shift handoff and during regular scheduled discussions of patient progression and barriers with the care team. Any barriers to progression are driven toward a rapid resolution. The result is that patient risks and the actions and interventions to resolve them and keep patients on-track are front-and-center on every nursing unit for every patient.

The partnership brings a new level of predictability to the Care Logistics Care Advance product. "By combining the predictive capabilities of Jvion with Care Logistics, our customers realize the benefits of proactive progression of care for every patient," said Care Logistics president Karl Straub. 

"We are excited to partner with Care Logistics and the potential patient impact that our combined solutions will have on patient outcomes," said Jvion COO Ritesh Sharma. "We are bringing the right insights directly to the bedside that will reduce length of stay, avoid complications, and improve health."

About Care Logistics

Care Logistics is the leader in patient throughput and progression. Care Logistics processes and purpose-built technology enable hospitals to progress care, drive efficiency in operations, and achieve performance excellence in the progression of care. This results in increased revenue and higher reimbursement and the reduction of avoidable patient days, while improving safety and quality. Care Logistics is a Jackson Healthcare company.

About Jvion

Jvion delivers healthcare's only Cognitive Clinical Success Machine. Using Eigenspace-based technology, the machine makes sense of the massive body of healthcare data to prevent patient-level clinical variation and improve intervention effectiveness. Jvion's solution provides the personalized risk and intervention information that will more effectively improve outcomes, lower cost, and drive quality improvements across care settings.

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