Operations Hub Initiation facilitates the creation of a command center and implements patient flow and hospital software

Operations Hub Initiation

Hospitals experience long wait times, bottlenecks when they have fragmented bed placement and intake processes. By creating a command center with standard processes, network resources, and roles leveraging the expertise of nursing executives and engineers, you can implement a solution that will grow over time.

We centralize operational decision makers and identify the processes and tools to effectively communicate and manage hospital operations. Our solution also offers the option to add software to hard-wire and sustain processes.

You are able to offer a central location for disaster relief, forecast admissions at peak times, and create synergy across multiple departments. Within the community, you can bring greater visibility to your facility capacity and bring more information to decision makers. You can reduce leakage probability in your system and more easily balance patient load. All of this is possible with Operations Hub Initiation.

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