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The Texas Hospital Association-Care Logistics agreement is structured to benefit all members of the Texas Hospital Association by providing them with direct access to Care Logistics’ resources and technology solutions, which are focused on helping our customers achieve dramatic results in patient throughput, quality, and experience.


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Lance Lunsford
Chief Marketing/Business Development Officer

Lance Lunsford is a native of Midland, Texas, and currently serves the Texas Hospital Association as chief marketing/business development officer. Having worked in newspapers, digital media and health care marketing, Lunsford works on a number of projects including web development, web video integration, and researching obscure interests.

Lunsford grew up a stone's throw from the rescue site where Jessica McClure was rescued amid the glow of a worldwide media spotlight and ensuing frenzy. He later toiled in the newsroom of the Midland Reporter-Telegram newspaper, where he began researching the rescue story. Lunsford spent two years researching the story of the "Baby Jessica" rescue and the aftermath. What he found was dysfunction, death and imprisonment.

Lunsford holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Texas A&M University and a Masters in Business Administration from Texas Tech University.

Lunsford now lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and three daughters.

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