Predictive Information and Hospital Operations

Empower your decision makers at all levels

With Care Logistics, in-application predictions bring actionable information to the decision makers from the executive level to the front line.  While viewing predictions, they have access to tools to take immediate action on anticipated admissions, patient unit placement, staffing, and barriers to timely patient progression and discharge. Predictive information empowers decision makers to prioritize patient care activities and discharges, preventing potential bottlenecks. When predictive information is effectively incorporated into the daily workflow hospitals achieve improvements in cost reduction, revenue, and patient experience.

predictive graphic v3.png

Real-time dashboards and analytics include forecasts of:

graph laptop.png
  • Staffing
  • Environmental Services
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Transport
  • Admissions, Discharges, Transfers
  • Capacity

Care Logistics Partners with Jvion

With the combined solutions, Jvion's award winning risk and intervention insights are brought directly to patient progression leaders when and where they need them within the Care Advance software and are imbedded in their daily process workflow. Progression leaders are alerted to patient risks without having to dive into a detailed EHR care plan for each patient. Jvion patient risk levels, contributing factors, and recommendations are part of the discussion at both shift handoff and during regular scheduled discussions of patient progression and barriers with the care team. Any barriers to patient progression are driven toward rapid resolution. The result is that patient risks and the actions and interventions to resolve them and keep patients on-track are front-and-center on every nursing unit for every patient. Learn more about Jvion here.

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