Imagine you can transfer patients to and from any facility with one point of contact. Care teams evaluate medical necessity and level of care before admission. Consistent criteria are applied to intake requests. High risk patients are only transferred to settings that are equipped to care for them properly. Patients are not admitted or transferred without first properly assessing their needs. All of this is possible with Transfer Logistics. Transfer Logistics powers a central intake and transfer hub with consistent processes that attract admitting physicians and ensures that hospitals promptly admit & transfer patients to the right level of care. This solution can be utilized to manage transfers coming to and from outside facilities, as well as at a regional level to simplify the transfer process between your own facilities.

Transfer logistics streamlines transfers between your facilities, as well as external facilities

With Transfer Logistics, Hospitals Experience:

  • Increased admission volumes and reduced leakage of patients to out of network facilities

  • Patients admitted and transferred to the right level of care

  • Faster, smoother admission and transfer process with a single point of contact improves physician and patient satisfaction

  • Better post-acute discharge, patient placement, and facility management

  • All case related documentation is stored and easily retrieved from a single place

  • Analytics and reporting enable a culture of continuous process improvement

  • Consistent and thorough assessments

  • Awareness of which facilities are accepting and denying patient placement, and why

  • Resources are secured before patient arrival to ensure appropriate, timely care

  • Regulatory, legal, medical, and financial compliance items documented

  • Readmissions flagged to plan for care accordingly

  • Physician contacts are tracked, with history, throughout the case

Transfer Logistics integrates with Patient Logistics, Demand Logistics, and Care Advance to link patient placement, patient progression and flow, and unit staffing with admissions and transfers. This results in smarter placement and load balancing decisions such as:

  • Ensuring optimum patient flow from admissions to discharge

  • Having the same staff manage external admissions, and internal and external placement decisions

  • Aligning admissions and placement decisions with unit clinical capacity

Ready to see what kind of results your facility can experience with Transfer Logistics? Click the link below to get in contact with a Care Logistics representative.