Holy Cross Case Study_005.png

Holy Cross Hospital Improves Care Efficiency and Physician Engagement with Care Logistics

  • 11% improvement in Acute In-Patient LOS and 19% improvement in Observed LOS resulting in over $6 Million in savings over 5 years

  • 13.7% growth in Outpatient Diagnostics resulting in $5.5 Million in financial impact over 5 years

  • 5% improvement in Patient Satisfaction

  • Total financial impact over 5 years: $16 million

Mercy Try 4.png

Mercy Medical Center Improves Patient Care, Lowers Costs with the Hospital Operating System

  • Reduced acute LOS from 4.6 to 3.74 and observation LOS from 1.51 to 1.31

  • Reduced observed-to-expected (O/E) ratio for targeted discharges from 1.34 to 0.98

  • Reduced patient 30-day readmissions from 13% to 9.5%

  • Made a 50 percent improvement in patient satisfaction percentile ratings


St. Joseph’s is Providing Care Excellence in their Community

  • Reduced ED wait times by more than 75% and cut LWOT more than half

  • $11.6 annual million financial benefit

  • Nearly half-day off average acute LOS

  • Improved patient care quality, safety and experience

St Peters case study image.png

St. Peter’s Transforms Throughput, Care Quality and Patient Experience with the Hospital Operating System

  • Length of stay reduced by a half day

  • CMI increased from 1.69 to 1.97

  • CMI-adjusted length of stay down to 2.52 from 3.19

  • Reduced readmission rate from 11.9% to 10.9%

  • Annual financial benefit of $38.3 million

Bethesda case study.png

Bethesda Drives Financial Performance with a Patient-First Production Model for Care Delivery

  • Reduced acute length-of-stay by more than half a day

  • LOS for observation patients has gone down from 1.45 days to 1.15 days, and now trends well below the averages from the previous two years.

  • Case Mix Index (CMI) has increased to 1.41, up from 1.30.

  • The CMI-adjusted acute length-of-stay has decreased to 2.87 from an annual average of 3.63 before launching C2C.


Northwest Community Aims for Excellence with Care Logistics

“The change has really revolved around the combination of technology, process and procedure, as well as culture. We've changed the culture of the organization and we've given it the tools of enhanced patient flows and processes. We've combined that with a technology component that really aids in having our people better understand what's going on with the patient and how to best take care of and coordinate that particular patient’s care path.” - Steven Scogna, President and CEO, Northwest Community Healthcare